Earn Extra Cash

Are you tired of not having extra cash? Are you working a part time job to make a car payment or put money away for vacation?

If you are working for an hourly wage you could be missing out. Your time could be spent selling wireless products and services earning 10 times what you are earning now. You talk to people everyday, why not make money at the same time.

Why not go to work as an outside sales representative. We will train you to sell wireless products. Our reps earn as much as $2,000 in a single month, part time. That is more than a lot of people make working 40 hours a week!

Start making more money today!

How to Apply
There are 3 easy, convenient ways to apply:

You must have the follow qualifications to become a sales representative for Ayers Incorporated:

  • Access to a fax machine
  • Email access
  • Social Security Number

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