Dealer Plan

How it works

We have created a customizable online store that serves all dealer sites.

When a customer enters your personalized store and purchases a product online the following happens:

  • Ayers, Inc. processes the credit card over a secure link.
  • The order, which carries your dealer ID as well as the customer information, is submitted to Ayers, Inc. for fulfillment.
  • An email is generated to notify you of the transaction.
  • A copy of the invoice is emailed to the customer.
  • Ayers, Inc. then ships the product to the customer and handles any and all questions or issues that could arise.

At the end of each month, gross sales statistics for each dealer are collected and dealer commissions are calculated and mailed within 15 days. Simple!

Highlights of the online store include:

  • Your own logo on every page
  • 36 advertisement spaces for your use throughout the site
  • Freedom to trade out your advertisement spaces or sell them to local or other companies for a monthly fee

And, if you already have a website, you can incorporate our e-store by simply inserting a link from your current site to your new e-store!


Wireless accessories are the main products we provide. Cell phone manufacturers are constantly changing their products in this highly competitive market making these accessories one of the most widely purchased products today. We take advantage of this market trend by providing the broad range of support accessories related to these products.

The Ayers Advantage

  • Low start-up cost
  • No need for employees (which means, no-one to get sick, go on vacation, quit, steal or make costly mistakes)
  • Your store never closes (24/7, 365 days a year! You sleep – we don’t!)
  • Multiple money-making avenues (Advertising, product sales, one-time and monthly residuals from signing up new dealers)
  • No inventory to track or purchase
  • No shipping hassles
  • No returns to handle
  • No costly merchant account to setup and maintain
  • Single objective business: market your e-store!

It’s time to build something for your future! This is not a get rich quick scheme, but, like anything, ‘lightning can strike at any time’!

The above information is based on a Class A Dealer. Please look over the chart below to determine which dealer status best serves your particular needs.

Click here for dealer requirements and application.

Features Class A
Class B
One time start up fee $150 $150
Domain registration Free Free
Your logo placed Free Free
E-store hosting and database maintenance $150/mo $135/mo
Ability to sign up new dealers Yes No
Monthly residuals from new dealers Yes No
Commissions paid for signing up new dealers Yes No

Please note:
  • The Dealer B Program is designed for companies or individuals who only want the E-store without the ability to sign up new dealers.
  • Both dealer programs allow for the sale of advertisements as details below.
Features Class A
Class B
Ad placement1 within the first 30 days of signup $15 per ad $15 per ad
Ad placement1 after first 30 days $20 per ad $20 per ad
Design and graphics for advertisements priced per job priced per job
1The above price will be charged for placement of advertisement images provided at the appropriate size.

Click here for dealer requirements and application.

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