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Are you an entrepreneur looking for all the tools, resources and experience needed to set up a successful Internet based business? Tired of working week after week, year after year, with nothing to show for all your efforts? We may have the solution you’re looking for!

Patrick Ayers, president of Ayers, Inc., has worked for several years to develop a program to supply companies, organizations, or just the average individual with high demand, high quality merchandise to sell on the Internet.

The vision, a single online store (representing hundreds of products) used simultaneously by many dealers nationwide, has been realized through the advancement of today’s technology. Having one common pool of merchandise means having the buying power of a superstore or national chain! More importantly, it means, not one minute (or dollar) spent searching for products, purchasing, stocking or shipping! Not one lost hour spent in returns, damaged shipment adjustments or even customer calls!

For those who are afraid to take that leap into business… Continue working your current job while using the Ayers Program to build your business at your own pace. Then, when you are ready and making enough money, retire from your current job for good!

The Ayers Program takes away the problems that cause most people to fail in business – handling the stock and employee issues. All you do is market your business! The only management skill required is self-management. We provide the products, shipping, inventory, collections, returns, customer phone calls and service.

Want to learn more? Click here to view the Dealer Plan details.

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