Do Motorola batteries have memory effect?
Current Motorola cellular phone batteries virtually do not have any memory effect. Below is some comparative battery information that may be useful.

  • Lithium Ion (Li Ion) Batteries
    Lithium Ion batteries for cellular phones are high energy density batteries that provide greater capacity than comparable NiCd or NiMH batteries. These batteries are typically about 30% lighter (cell for cell) than NiMH batteries. Finally, Li Ion batteries are designed specifically to work with Motorola charging systems to provide optimal charge rate and help maximize capacity and battery life.
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries
    Nickel Metal Hydride batteries for cellular phones provide the same voltage as Nickel Cadmium batteries. However, NiMH batteries typically outperform NiCd under normal consumer conditions and operating temperatures. Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are available in several different sizes to accommodate your cellular needs.

What is the recommended time charge for my battery?
The recommended charge time for an overnight charger, depending on the battery, can range from 12-24 hours. The recommended charge time for rapid chargers, depending on the battery, can be up to four hours. See your user manual for details.

What happens if I leave the battery in the charger for an extended period of time?
Extensive charging may shorten the life of the battery. We recommend not leaving batteries in a charger for more than 24 hours.

Charging a New Battery
New Batteries are supplied in a totally uncharged state.

To ensure maximum battery performance, a new battery (or battery that has not been used for several months) should be charged for at least 14 hours before use.

A new battery will require several full charge/discharge cycles in order to achieve its optimum performance. A new battery, or battery that has not been used for several months, may cause a premature fully charged indication. Ignore this indication and let the battery charge for several hours.

Your batteries will not charge if they are not matched properly to the phone connection markings (+ and -). Please ensure that you have installed the batteries properly before initiating a charge.

Battery Performance Maintenance

  • Best battery performance will be achieved when you regularly charge and discharge batteries.
  • Battery performance is greatly affected by network coverage and features selected.
  • If left unused, a fully charged battery will discharge itself in approximately one month.
  • When not in use, store your battery uncharged in a cool, dark and dry place.
  • Never leave your battery in extremely high temperatures (over 140° F), for example behind glass in very hot, direct sunlight.

Low Battery Warning
When the battery level is low and only a few minutes of talk time remain, a warning signal (two double beeps) will sound, the border of the battery symbol will begin to flash, and "Low Battery" will be displayed.

When the battery is completely discharged, your phone will turn off.

Charging Your Battery Using the Travel Charger
(for compatible models only)
The travel charger can power the phone and charge a fitted battery. Ensure the local mains voltage at your location matches that of your travel charger. Fit a Motorola original battery onto your phone.

To charge your battery:
  1. Attach the correct adapter plug to the travel charger.
  2. Connect the travel charger to the phone. The connector is keyed and can only be inserted one way.
  3. Insert the travel charger plug into a suitable mains power socket.
  4. A beep-tone is heard and the battery icon flashes when charging begins. Your phone can either be powered on or off during charging.
Charging Your Battery Using the Desktop Charger
(for compatible models only)
The Desktop Charger is an optional accessory that allows you to charge both the battery fitted in your phone and a spare battery at the same time, or in sequential order. Compatibility varies by phone model. Check your manual for compatibility.

To charge your battery:

  1. Connect the travel charger to the desktop charger socket. The connector is keyed and can only be inserted one way.
  2. Plug the travel charger into a standard mains socket.
  3. Insert your phone into the desktop charger.
  4. A spare battery can be charged on its own or at the same time as the battery fitted on your phone. Insert the spare battery into the desktop charger. Some desktop chargers charge in sequential order: The battery inserted into the phone is charged first, then the spare battery is charged. Check specific desktop chargers for more information.

Batteries charge in about 2-3 hours depending on the battery. For maximum NiMH battery charging, you should double the charge time. Charge times will increase if you make or receive phone calls while charging. It is normal for batteries to become warm during charging. It is recommended that you use only Motorola Original™ batteries, chargers and other accessories.

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