Ayers Wireless is the wireless division of Ayers Incorporated which was founded in January 2002. It is a privately held company headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida.

We believe the customer determines the success of any business. That's why we will always put the customer first.

Ayers Wireless serves as an independent resource for wireless products and services for consumers and enterprises. We offer phone sales and repairs, cellular accessories and consulting. We have recently added web hosting and internet business opportunities to the list of services we offer.

The Ayers Wireless consumer web site provides an extensive selection of wireless products and services. The user-friendly site features comparison and quick search tools to help people choose the cell phone that best suits their needs, identify the calling plans in their area, and select accessories  at a great price.

For corporations, Ayers Wireless offers a suite of powerful and flexible web-based applications that enable corporations to manage and control their wireless expenses. This solution features tools to optimize profits and curb expenses, and simplify the procurement process. Ayers Wireless.com also provides its clients customized fulfillment services such as device programming and direct shipping.

Ayers Wireless launched its consumer web site in September of 2002 offering its customers an expansive selection of wireless products, comprehensive calling plan choices, and impeccable customer service. In addition to aiding the consumer, the new site offers custom e-commerce solutions for people and businesses to capture revenues from the internet and wireless industry.

In 2002, Ayers Wireless began partnering with businesses developing co-branded procurement web sites and customized fulfillment.

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